2nd Book


Descendants of Andries Willemszen Hoppe(n) The Seventh and Eighth Genereations

    I have been working on Book Two - the Seventh and Eight Generations, (which list their children of the Ninth Generation) for the last twelve years.  Because, renumbering is such a nightmare I have decided to use the seventh generation numbers (#800-1500) with a hyphen for the Eight Generation i.e. #1007-3, would be in the eighth generation the third child of #1007, and #1007-3-1 would be in the ninth generation, the first child of #1007-3, and the grandchild of #1007.  You will also be able to find #1007 in the first book The Hopper Genealogy: Descendants of Andries Willemszen Hoppe(n) of New Amsterdam 1651: The First Six Generations, and thus be able to trace his/her ancestors back to Andries W. Hoppe(n).  The second book is nearing completion, with hopes of finally publishing it in 2018. I have decided to post the index (2,800+ names), in the hopes that more information can be found on those listed.  If you find a relative on the list  or if you would like to be put on a mailing list for notification when the second book is published please contact me.


Maria (Ree) Hopper


Because there are so many Hoppers it is easier to search by scanning to a spouse's surname first, of course I may not know who the person married, in which case he/she can be found under his/her own name with an approximate date of birth